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Got a story to tell about space science, science history, social justice, or human stories featuring historically excluded communities? I'm available for freelance:

  • Research

  • Writing

  • Video Production

  • Video Editing (including basic motion graphics, color correction, sound design, captioning, and social media optimization)

  • Film Editing

  • Podcasting and other SciComm projects

  • On-Camera Hosting

  • Distribution Strategizing

Get in touch and let's talk about your project!


“Katrina is an accomplished science producer who created many nuanced science stories for missions like Hubble Space Telescope and OSIRIS-REx. Her passion for science is evident from her pitches to her finely crafted final products. She is familiar and comfortable with the entire video production process including operating cameras, lights, editing, and downstream distribution. Katrina is never content with the status quo and constantly searches for innovative ways of connecting with the larger community of science aficionados.”

—Wade Sisler, Executive Producer at NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center


“Katrina is passionate about science and communication, and her passion comes through in her work. She is skilled at taking complicated topics and presenting them in engaging ways that are easy to understand. She takes care to get all of the facts correct while also crafting a good story from beginning, to middle, to end. I was impressed over and over again by her ability to report clearly and captivatingly about complex scientific discoveries as well as engineering breakthroughs (made both on the ground and in space).
Katrina also knows how to tell compelling human stories, making it easy f
or her audience to care about and relate to the people behind those scientific and technological achievements. To top it off, Katrina is an inviting and talented on-camera host who draws you in to her stories and keeps you interested until the end. If you have a story to share with the world, Katrina has the knowledge and the skills to present it with care, creativity, professionalism, and style.”

—Vanessa Thomas, Science Writer & Outreach Specialist

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