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Science Video of the Week! MythBusters Star Wars

Jan 22, 2014

Welcome to the 14th Science Video of the Week feature!

Before you watch the video:

MythBusters is one of the most popular science TV shows. One of the ways they make themselves even more popular is by incorporating big-name movies, like their recent Star Wars themed episode. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, then this Aftershow video might not make much sense, but, ya know, give it a go anyway. Then watch the full episode. And then the Aftershow again.

Watch the video:

After you watch the video:

I think stories are a great way to engage people, and so combining stories and science can be really fun. Whether it’s science fiction, talking about the science in fiction, talking about the science in science fiction (as in this case), or making fiction out of science, adding an element of story pretty much instantly makes things more entertaining.


What are your thoughts on the combinations of stories and science?

About Science Video of the Week:

Each Wednesday I will post an interesting science video with some comments from either myself or the producer, and will conclude with some questions for discussion. I started this feature for the Women in Film and Video of Washington, DC email list, and I really want to hear your comments as well!

If you created a science video you would like to share, especially ones that had interesting challenges you’d like to discuss, send it to me and we can chat a little about how you approached the production!

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